Moon Duo // Mazes Remixed

Ripley and Sanae return for another round of moonlight groove rituals and this time they fly much closer to pop's flame; with a few barbed hooks peaking out from beneath the murky waters of psychedelic slow burn. Caught the Duo not long ago here in NYC along with the RSTB faves Jacuzzi Boys and its great to know that they light this fire just as hot on stage as they do on record. The band has a bonus remix CD that's accompanying purchase of the album on the road and at select retailers. Where things could have slid into inappropriate dance territory, the band instead matches itself with a perfect assortment of sonic chemists to retool their swampy psych. Sonic Boom, Psychic Ills, Cave, Purling Hiss and Gary War all take stabs at retooling cuts from Mazes and all do so with swimming success. Check out Purling Hiss' blistering take on "In The Sun", scorching the track with the addition of his always vital guitar hysterics. Its highly recommended that you catch the band live and nab one of these if they roll through your town.

[MP3] Moon Duo - In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix)

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Anonymous Mes said...

Brilliant track. Liked the DUI track you posted a while back. Like this even more.

Nice one.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Funky Gibbins said...

What's not dancey about Gary War's When You Cut... just depends on how you dance! :p

5:23 AM  

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