Mi Ami

The ever hard to Google Mi Ami have made your searches all the more filled with football players and teal and orange porpoises (yeah, yeah I know dolphins and porpoises aren't the same thing). In Dolphins, Daniel Martin-McCormick fully realizes the band's crossover from guitars to beats. With more than a bit of his lust for disco, that's been realizing itself lately as his Ital project, this EP pulses with a sort of drugged dancefloor dementia; all the while his usual yelps and frantic exclamations make these songs feel like it may be more than just the drugs that are inducing that rising sense of paranoia. Though hinted at in past works, like the Cut Men 12", this is as far as the band has strayed from a guitar based sound and honestly it feels like they've found a second stride; making this short release one of their most fully realized yet. Though the rubbery bass and frenzied guitar outbursts may be missed, this foray into the freakish underground of nightlife is a welcomed excursion.

[MP3] Mi Ami - Hard Up

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the worst vocals in the history of recorded music!

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