Leo Kottke - 6 and 12 String Guitar
This album marks Kottke's first full, wide release. Released on John Fahey's Takoma imprint after he received a demo from Kottke, it is preceded by a few hard to find recordings and is generally
regarded one of his best and most influential in his long career. True to its title, it employs both 6 and 12 string instruments much in the same rootsy fingerpicked style that Fahey is famous for and its easy to see why the veteran guitarist would have chosen to issue this on Takoma. Similarly Kottke has a knack for blending virtuosity with delicate emotion and driving rhythm to create pieces that are more than just awe-inspiring for their difficulty, they convey the same level of emotion that persists in both his Takoma labelmate Robbie Basho and Fahey himself. Even more impressive is that the record was recorded largely in one sitting, all the way through in the final playing order; seems like a sick dream in the current age of overdubbing. This was only the beginning of a career that would span into the next few decades but it still stands as one of the most incredible achievements in fingerpicked guitar.

[MP3] Leo Kottke - Vaseline Machine Gun
[MP3] Leo Kottke - The Sailor's Grave on the Prairie

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Anonymous yair yona said...

Though not my personal Kottke fav album (I love him the most on Circle Around The Sun, his second, forgotten album, before 6 and 12) - this is a brilliant guitar album, showing what a guitar can do, when there's someone like Leo playing.
he's so expressive, fast, aggressive and yet humble, really great album


2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I downloaded this when you released it and I recently re-heard it and have started to listen to a lot of Kottke. His style is just fantastic, and it's all the better without other instruments or singing. I love his control over the slide

10:51 PM  

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