Human Eye/Sex Beet - Scion A/V Garage 7"
Another great teamup in the A/V Garage series, this time paring Timmy Vulgur's Human Eye with fellow weird poppers Sex Beet. Human Eye keep things twisted with their usual stew of twisted guitars
and sci-fi frazzle. This half of Vulgur's output has always had a bit more punk propulsion than his freakouts in Timmy's Organism and this track is a classic cut of their weirdo pop. On the flip Sex Beet don't pull things any closer to reality, but with a bit more levity and a lot less sneer than Human Eye they're bringing up the more lighthearted half of this record. As usual you can always download both for free at Scion and you can nab the Human Eye track below.

[MP3] Human Eye - Martian Queen

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The Everymen - Hello, Nice Evening. We Are The Everymen 7"
Newcomers Sarin McHugh and the Everymen scale back their name for this second 7" and shine up the production. The resulting single storms through the doors with "Zeppole Ben" recalling a bit
of Rocket From the Crypt's throaty, ferocious rock. From there the band shows quite a few of their sides with a horn-flecked garage stomper, late-night barroom ballad and then close it out with a bedroom love song that feels six hours past bedtime and half a pack of cigarettes into regret. The band definitely hit some high notes here, especially when riding the rock vibe.

[MP3] The Everymen - Zeppole Ben

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Human Eye is always one o' my faves! Nice work...

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