Bare Wires - Don't Ever Change 7"
Bare Wires turn in one of their cleanest, poppiest versions of their so called "soft punk" yet. A double shot of a single with two fun backbeat poppers that stick in your head like a couple of bright pink wads of bubblegum. The A-side's a slow burnin' rocker with
some sugar sweet backups and a whole lot of from the hip guitar. You can check out the "school days"-themed video below. It matches the back lot smoker vibe of this one kinda perfectly. The b-side might as well be a double a-side, with its power-pop moves and thumping beat. Honestly two of the best tracks I've heard from this Matthew Melton (Snake Flower 2) led project and it puts some pretty high hopes that their upcoming record, Cheap Perfume is gonna be a killer too.

[MP3] Bare Wires - Ready to Go

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Cool band. Never heard of them!

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