Alexander Tucker

Another harrowing album from Alexander Tucker. This time the usually bleak folk artist has added an extra layer of doom to his repertoire with circular, pounding string arrangements, electronic cycles and the addition of improv drummer Paul May to the fray. Even with these elements creeping at the edges, its still Tucker's pained, expressive voice and apocalyptic songwriting that steal your attention. With lyrics inspired by his childhood experiences, sci-fi creatures and Alan Moore comics; Tucker strikes a very resilient psychedelic chord without ever relying on a barrage of effects to warp minds. Stepping slightly away from his fingerpicked roots while still retaining a sense of British Folk, Dorwytch is certainly Tucker's most ambitious outing yet and a testament to his ability to open up his scarred vision to a larger audience. Dorwytch is out on Thrill Jockey in April but you can get a taste of the doom below.

[MP3] Alexander Tucker - His Arm Has Grown Long

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Anonymous yair yona said...

wow, surprising
both on sound and production.
beautiful song. thanks for posting


6:15 PM  
Anonymous Mes said...

Great track.

I saw him supporting Boris last year and he did this track. Mighty impressive it was too.

3:54 PM  

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