UV Race

Originally released by the band as a cassette, Homo has found a place on In The Red's upcoming calendar for proper release and its definitely one of the most solid turns from the band yet. Jumping off where their last LP dropped the 70's proto/post punk blueprint, this time they careen through similar territory but add in a touch of Fun House-era Stooges squall and a few blasts of post-punk sax for good measure. They balance the gritted punk with a greater presence of female vocals on a couple of tracks and the combination is nothing short of sweet. The album races by before you know it but so far I've found myself going right back to the beginning for another go 'round each time. Their last record (self-titled on Aarght! Records) was a bit of a sleeper favorite around here; hard to track down in the U.S. but well worth the find when it popped up. The move to In The Red should clear that problem up nicely, so pick this up when the vinyl arrives at the end of March.

[MP3] UV Race - Inner North
[MP3] UV Race - Low

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Blogger bruce said...

the first album is available at goner, homo will actually be a split release with aarght doing the aussie and in the red doing the us releases

2:30 PM  

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