Slug Guts

Looks like Sacred Bones picked up a souvenir or two on their recent trip to the Outback to shoot the forthcoming Naked on the Vague film. Somewhere on the way back they snagged the sophomore album and U.S. debut from Slug Guts whose swamp-dragged rock reflects the underbelly of their homeland; as brutal as the sweltering desert sun and as ravaged as the hurricane hurtled coast. The boys seem to dig the grit up from more urban sources though, with songs that bring to mind basement clubs and pre-dawn comedowns. This time around the Guts bring a few friends as well with guest turns from Angela Bermuda of Circle Pit and Sarah Spencer of Blank Realm, both of whom fit the band's classic Aussie clatter perfectly. Wrapped up in an unmistakable Sacred Bones sleeve and just as essential as any piece of the catalog.

[MP3] Slug Guts - Hangin' in the Pisser

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