The Skull Defekts

Daniel Higgs has been a fixture around these parts for a while, but rarely has he hit the vicious notes he once touched upon in Lungfish. Lately his music has taken a more spiritual and sonically diverse turn, fleeting between noise exorcisms and snake handler poetry. Enter The Skull Defekts, another band who’s shown up around the Raven from time to time, to who credit is due in full for coaxing the beast out of the man once again and creating an album that burns with discomforting heat. This skraggy bunch of Swedes feeds on rhythm, turning it into pure cathartic sweat that Higgs rides like a storm across the length of this record. There could be not better fitting cover for a record of this magnitude of ferocity than the Oruborus; the beast eating itself to survive; and that's exactly the sound of Peer Amid.

[MP3] The Skull Defekts - Fragrant Nimbus

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the album Peer Amid, for me one of the best bands that emerged in recent times.

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