Sarofeen and Smoke - Sarofeen and Smoke
Though most may know this group through the Folk is Not a Four Letter Word compilation released a few years ago, the bulk of their work falls into a more bluesy rock vein. Vocalist Anne Sarofeen acts as
the centerpiece to a driving rock record interspersed with horn stabs and the occasional foray into smoldering folk-rock impulses. Sarofeen's powerful style falls in with other great female performers like Ellen McIllwaine (Fear Itself), Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue) or Sarolta Zalatnay that have found more praise in the reissue market than they did in their heyday. This one has unfortunately become rarer in recent years but it seems primed for a reissue soon; definitely an essential pickup for fans of the aforementioned artists, NY-area nuggets or bluesy 60's rock.

[MP3] Sarofeen and Smoke - Swamp Man
[MP3] Sarofeen and Smoke - It's Love

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