Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights have been a staple around the RSTB speakers since their '09 debut caught our ears with its sketches of noise pop and bubble of lo-fi dub. Now after a few 7" outings Indra and Aaron return with a new album that fully embraces those dub impulses that flirted under the surface of their prior recordings. 936 is a humid, swampy record that dredges bass from every crevice of Peaking Lights' cavernous sound. Easily the best recordings the duo have produced yet, the record springs off neon-night dance impulses and slows them to a molten core, shelving this release neatly alongside 4 a.m. dawn chasers from their labelmates Sun Araw, Topaz Rags and even the less beat heavy work of L.A. Vampires. One of the most fun records to hit the table so far this year and an essential pick-up.

[MP3] Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)

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