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A few months ago we did a write up on a great little Canadian band called Omon Ra II and despite harnessing a gritty guitar fury the likes of which we hadn't heard in a while, the band decided to go their separate ways. Just a few weeks ago we highlighted Lantern, the project that guitarist Zachary Fairbrother, and now the remaining half of Omon Ra II has regrouped as Omma Cobba. Knocking out scruffy pop nuggets that bring to mind Sic Alps at times and sounding like they're definitely getting the hang of things in their new shoes, the band's new tape comes as the first installment in Craft Singles' new cassette/vinyl series.

Every two weeks the label will release a cassette single and then every three months they'll round up the past five singles onto a lathe-cut 12". Besides the debut from Omma Cobba they'll also feature singles from Lantern, The Ether, Friendly Dimension and Kill Squares in the first batch. Check out the video for the a-side of Omma Cobba's tape, "Policeman" and grab the track below. Plus definitely keep an eye on Craft Singles for more great stuff!

[MP3] Omma Cobba - Policeman

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Miller is the other half of Omon Ra - not Omon Ra II.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Dead Dog said...

i second that. Zach and Dan did Omon Ra, then Zach went on to do Omon Ra II with D'eon and a few other Montreal rockers... Meanwhile Dan's been working on Omma Cobba... and Zach has since disbanded Omon Ra II and started Lantern.

nonetheless, all three kick ass!!!!

check out this unreleased Omon Ra record I upped last year: http://buffalotones.blogspot.com/2009/10/omon-ra-spirit-of-jerry-garcia-playing.html

as well as this other project featuring Dan and the new Omma Cobba drummer: http://buffalotones.blogspot.com/2009/10/what-smooth-record.html

11:15 AM  

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