Belgian psych-blues provocateur Bram Devens has released several albums under the Ignatz moniker but for some reason this is the first to appear on RSTB. It seems I always get around to his hushed, twilight-scraping albums too long after they're out of print to really sway people towards picking them up. However, after spending some time with his latest, I Hate This City, I can wholeheartedly say grab this one before its gone. Devens channels a moonburnt concoction of space blues, then drags the idiom through a back-alley lo-fi filter that makes it feel like you've just stumbled on some twisted bluesman playing to an audience of one in a scattered clearing. Copies of this are getting scarce but its well worth a pickup if you see it.

[MP3] Ignatz - The Quiet Woman
[MP3] Ignatz- "I Hate This City" Boogie

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Anonymous Eli said...

Excellent, I hadn't heard of this guy before--I ordered the LP based on this post. Thanks.

4:21 PM  

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