Deaf Center

Its been quite a few years since Pale Ravine first darkened the Raven doorstep and ushered in an era of Norwegian doom that we've never quite recovered from; but now the duo have reconnected and let slink into the night another piece of their tattered souls. In the interim Skodvin, the cellist half of the duo, has spent more time eking out his place amongst music's darker recesses with his night terror inducing works as Svarte Greiner. Now that sense of dread combines with Totland's fragile, bittersweet piano for the full cinematic sense of tension and release. Just as with any great Svarte record, foreboding cello underpins a landscape of graying rain and buzzing unease but now a few streaks of light let themselves penetrate the endless night that seems to envelop Skodvin's solo work. Owl Splinters is a welcome return from a duo whose works come around far too seldom.

[MP3] Deaf Center - New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)

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Anonymous Mes said...

Brilliant. So very resonant from all anlges.

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