Ostensibly a sequel to Ivan Pavlov's 2000's record Iron, IIron is the minimal artists "metal" record, slicing up bits of guitar recorded recently at York University's Music Research Centre and by himself during his years in Soviet Russia. Between the first Iron and this Pavlov has focused his efforts on stark, minimalist techno that plays with elements of glitch, themes that show up here but are augmented with a barrage of metal riffs and an overt sense of doom. The combination makes for something that's both a serious effort to utilize the tension of metal and an over the top way to take a bit of the piss out of it. In between the dark corners Pavlov mixes in incongruous flirtations with Krautrock pulse and acoustic strings that while seemingly out of place, only add to the abstract painting that is IIron. In the end COH's latest comes off as something that would appeal to both the metal and minimalist-glitch camps and perhaps quite a few others who lie between those poles.

[MP3] COH - Red Square

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