Sore Eros

It seems like a long time since a copy of Know Touching first made it into my hands this summer at the RSTB Northside show. Since then the winds of fortune have plagued the physical release with a few setbacks, but it seems now its finally on the eve of release. In the interim Know Touching has served to compliment the slow fade from Summer into Autumn and even now as the temperatures drop, it sparkles as perfectly as the sunlight on snow. A seemingly flawless transition from the hazily looped structure of Second Chants; Robinson and crew have moved towards a wider scope in songwriting that peeks its head out of the dizzying psychedelic swirl a bit but still leaves the majority of the tracks nestled in a gauzy pastoral-psych vein that seeps like melancholy sunlight into your skin. They've stretched their bounds lyrically and sonically, driving the record more by narrative then ever before but at the same time wrapping each song in lush radiance that's supplemented some of the former album's sparse loneliness. It's been a long time coming but you can finally let this one radiate from your turntable, and what better way to listen to such a shimmering gem.

[MP3] Sore Eros- Giraffe's Kiss

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