The Moon – Without Earth and The Moon
Moon were something of a second tier Supergroup, which come to think of it kinda negates the already deplorable term Supergroup to begin with. The band's main fame magnet was David Marks,
who played on the first few Beach Boys albums, he's joined in somewhat subdued infamy by Larry Brown from the Bel-Aires and Davie Allan & the Arrows. So not exactly rock royalty but you get the point, the band had a few established talents in their midst. In the wake of his leaving the Beach Boys, Marks recorded the first of the two albums compiled on this disc, Without Earth and followed it up shortly after with The Moon. The band excelled in a baroque, string-swelled form of psych-pop that wouldn't be in inappropriate company alongside The Left Banke or The Zombies. For an ex Surf-slinger, the album owes a whole lot more to Wilson's constant muse/torment The Beatles than it does to any West Coast board shorters. collectors have long sought out the albums for their second shelf, lost gem status but its also been noted that while the songs are well produced they can be at times forgettable or get lost in overwrought orchestration. Still many gems lie in wait among the sprawling tracklist on this double album reissue.

[MP3] Moon - Got To Be On My Way
[MP3] Moon - Life is a Season

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