Köhn/Peaking Lights/Alien Radio/Ducktails – Lune Atroce/Soleil Amer Split 7"
Strangely mixed split from Kraak Records. Alien Radio and Köhn seem to fit together in an analog wash of synth tones and futuristic unease, and at least from a structural
standpoint the wire-crossed pop of Peaking Lights seems to match them in spirit though I suppose here their dub inflections pair better with the vibe laid down by their new labelmate Ducktails, who seems to stand out as a sunny pop track that feels oddly breezy in this mixed company. Here Mondanile hearkens back to a more stripped down version of his pop oddity than he's been pursuing of late but its a pure Ducktails vibe and definitely one for the longtime fans if you're looking to be a completist. Peaking Lights lay down some of their strongest grooves yet, making that upcoming Woodsist release look mighty tempting. The single is sold out from the label but a few copies can still be found below.

[MP3] Peaking Lights - Creatures Of Day, Creatures At Night
[MP3] Ducktails - Sprinter

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Blogger Eileen said...

Absolutely love Ducktails- if you haven't heard his new track Killin' the Vibe, you can check it out here: http://atthesinema.co.uk/?p=3741

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