Sacred Bones has uncovered a few gems from the current Chilean psychedelic underground and is adding Föllakzoid and The Holydrug Couple (originally released on Blow Your Mind Records) to their EP series. Föllakzoid have an insatiable love for Krautrock and the motorik groove, as is more than evident on the A-side to their EP "IV, III, II, I" a four part suite that rides the wave of bass groove to infinite horizons. The band also seem to have a penchant for Space Rock, adding syrupy guitar swirls to the B-Side of this epic EP before delving right back into that unmistakable groove once again. We've posted the first movement of the A-side below but this track stretches on far beyond the nine minute mark, as do most of their compositions. Not a band for concise statements and we can't fault them for it. Hoping to hear much more from them in the near future and with rumors that SB is bringing them stateside, we're definitely hoping to catch them live.

[MP3] Föllakzoid - IV, III, II, I (excerpt)

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Anonymous chaz said...

oh man! this sounds great! sacred bones always kills it in this department! thanks for posting this, can't wait until it's unleashed.

11:38 AM  
Blogger flynnduism said...

nice find, really enjoyed this.

i've been following your blog for ages via the hype machine, it's gotta be one of my favourites

thanks for turning me onto so many great bands

9:24 AM  

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