Floating Bridge – Floating Bridge
Seattle based Floating Bridge came to notoriety during 1968 Sky River Rock Festival and subsequently recorded a single and album for the L.A. based Vault Records. The band's sound owed largely to the burgeoning hard rock tendencies
that swept the nation in a post-Hendrix 60's, with a twin guitar approach being led by the band's Rich Dangel (The Wailers, Time Machine) and Joe Johanssen. The majority of the album is comprised of originals, with two notable instrumental covers thrown in, a rather trans-formative version of The Beatles' "Hey Jude" and a medley of "8 Miles High" and "Paint It Black." These hearken back to the band's early days as a backing band for hire before hooking up with singer Pat Gossen. Their sole album is a welcome, if unoriginal addition to any hard rock collector's library and this reissue even packs in a few welcomed bonus tracks.

[MP3] Floating Bridge - Brought Up Wrong
[MP3] Floating Bridge - Watch Your Step

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