Fielded is the moniker of songstress Lindsay Powell, who last showed up in these pages as one half of the greatly under-sung folk duo Festival. Since the release of their beautifully eccentric album Come Arrow Come, Powell has gone on to add her dark, bewitching vocals to Ga'an as well as her own sparse solo offerings. Following up her Terrageist cassette on Catholic Tapes with a new 7" for Sophomore Lounge, Powell's songs are as tenebrous and captivating as ever. Focusing mostly on her voice with breathy touches of synth and the occasional distant, bodily throb of percussion. Powell sings in possessed incantations, rooted in cryptic rituals that feel equally deserving of rapt applause as they do of blood sacrifice. Powell commands her voice, adding herself to a new line of dark pop divas stretching from Zola to Tamaryn, and it seems as if she's ready to step further out of the shadows and into people's view with this release. Download the title track and check out the video below.

[MP3] Fielded - White Death

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (out March 1st)
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Anonymous Chicago said...

Fielded is headed out for a full U.S. tour starting March 16th. Be sure to check her tumblr (fielded.tumblr.com) for the full list of cities and venues!!!

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