Elon Katz

Elon Katz acts as one half of the duo White Car, who've recently garnered praise for their 12" on Hippos in Tanks. Stepping away from that project's goth/industrial beats but without losing its sense of dread, Katz strikes out on his own for a tape of drone heavy keyboard pieces heavily indebted to Werner Herzog soundtracks. The A-side of The Pylori Program drags itself through doom-heavy oscillator modulations and analog headtrips before things open up into more dystopian vibes on the B-side; even dedicating a track to John Connor. After getting a quick glimpse of the band's full potential on their No Better EP it’s nice to see the impulses that lie underneath the more palatable selections of White Car. This side of Katz feels much more at home with Sam Goldberg and Emeralds than the Ministry nods that followed No Better and honestly I hope to hear more from this direction of Katz' work.

[MP3] Elon Katz - Ode To John Connor

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