Earth's reinvention of Americana on Hex... came as a welcomed surprise as both a fan of Earth and Americana in general. They found the doom in country and stretched it like an endless plain scattered with the unfriendliest of clouds. Two albums after that crowning achievement, the band have cited Tinariwen and Pentangle as unlikely touchstones for their latest album, Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1. That's a rather intriguing set of influences for a band not known for either acoustic instrumentation or particularly hitting the blues groove. After a few listens its hard to see where these two guiding forces touch on Angels.... There's certainly despair in the lyrics of any Pentagle song, but nowhere here does English folk seem to rear its head. The Tinariwen influence seems less abstract, with the band occasionally what might be considered a doom groove on a couple of songs; at least inciting a bit more movement than their usually monolithic pace allows for. Perhaps its the desert that ties them both together; with Earth looming like the storm that urges nomadic herds up from their roots and into travel. However it works in their mind, longtime Earth fans won't be disappointed. The album crushes down upon listeners just as ever before, and that's what we've come to love about them.

[MP3] Earth - Descent to the Zenith

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