Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble

Barn Owl's music has often touched upon a cinematic element, especially on their most recent album Ancestral Star. So it should seem unsurprising for them to hook up with a string ensemble to enhance their already emotional and expansive sound. However the components of The Infinite String Ensemble aren't your ordinary violin toting classical enthusiasts. Theresa Wong adds her cello to the mix with a sinister touch of vibration that exposes her long history in experimental composition. The Norman Conquest, who also produced the album, also weave their strings with a sense of forward leaning experimentation and historically rooted drone echoes. The ensemble is rounded out by Ellen Fullman, whose "long string instrument" is pictured above. Its drones add an otherworldly touch to the ragas here, making The Headlands a complex album rife with earthen drones that play upon an oddly spiritual nature. The album is both deeply rooted in the kind of high plains guitar the band have long traded in and a step further into the experimentation they touch on in their group and solo works. The resulting album is a meditative and gorgeous affair.

[MP3] Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble - Levitation

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