Finchley Boys - Finchley Boys
Southern Illinois rockers the Finchley Boys were known for their live show but never made a proper record while they were still together. Released privately after the band broke up, Everlasting Tributes bound together some of their
catalog, proving that the band could have handled the studio setting if only they'd kept it together. Most of the tracks that appear here were recorded in the late 60's and thus move along the spectrum from folk-tinged ballads to a large chunk of blues-y rockers. The original press would see release in '72 and go on to be heralded by collectors and those who saw them live around the Illinois area. There are some standout covers here along with plenty of originals that stand quite nicely on their own. Definitely a good addition to any 60's lost sounds collection.

[MP3] Finchley Boys - Outcast
[MP3] Finchley Boys - I'm Not Like Everybody Else

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