Pentangle – Sweet Child
That Metal Mountains post got me thinking about Pentangle and naturally I migrated into their back catalog for a few spins. Though Bert Jansch seems to had attained more fame in his solo live, Pentangle showcases some of his best
collaborative work. Sweet Child shows boths sides of Pentangle's prowess with half being recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall and the other half seeing them hunker down in the studio. Born out of an initial collaboration between John Renbourne and Jansch, the band's first three records with Shel Talmy tend to be the ones that are considered more "essential" both in terms of the band's catalog and with regards to 60's British folk in general. As they wandered further into electric territory their unity began to splinter. As such it's nice to hear the band here in their prime, performing for a rapt audience and equally at home utilizing the studio to move their fluid compositions into higher ground. This definitely resides on the "if you don't own it, maybe you should" list.

[MP3] Pentangle - Turn Your Money Green
[MP3] Pentangle - Sweet Child

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Great stuff - thanks for posting - hadn't heard these tunes before.

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