Having been entranced by great releases from both Sam Goldberg's Radio People and John Elliott's Emeralds already this year, it seems selfish to ask for more; but the duo present a welcomed bonus in the form of Mist's Glowing Net. Originally a small run cassette release on Sam's Pizza Night label, now the burbling synth epic gets the vinyl treatment it sorely deserves. Pulsing with Omni-drenched sci-fi vibes, the EP radiates a peaceful descent into the abyss; locking circular rhythms into disintegrating loops punctuated with sweeping strokes of neon-tinted tones. The re-release is given all the more depth with a lush mastering treatment from James Plotkin, now the king of the rising analog tide, at Berlin's Dubplates and Mastering.

[MP3] Mist - Sky High

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE or HERE

Amethyst Sunset, the label that's released Glowing Net has a lot on its plate for the upcoming year. Releases are scheduled from Keith Fullerton Whitman, Rene Hell and Sean McCann. Check out the video for Sean's "Over the Stars (there is rest)" from the upcoming Sincere World below.

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