Metal Mountains

Quite a few ex members of Tower Recordings turn up here in one form or another but it seems that Tower ex-pat Helen Rush has eluded that fate until now. Rush, along with fellow Tower alumni P.G. Six and Samara Lubelski, has resurfaced recently as Metal Mountains. Definitely a more stylistically consistent and calmer style than anything from the old Tower Catalog but as with her most stirring TR songs, most of Golden Trees retains a stately sadness channeled through a subtle psych prism. Rush's cinder and honey voice runs the gamut from the folk trails laid down by the rainy-pscych croons of Pentangle through many of their latter day followers occasionally touching very close to Lubelski's own smoked glass delivery. Six's guitar picks heavy while Lubelski's violin adds a somber touch to the whole record, making the trio hit with the emotional impact that many larger ensembles spend years trying to achieve.

[MP3] Metal Mountains - Structures In The Sun

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