Jonas Asher has existed in the shadows as Grasslung for a short while now, releasing scarce tapes and CD-rs that run out of print before the majority of us can even get wind of their existence. Now, with the help of the venerable Root Strata, he’s graduated to a wide(er) release CD full-length that’s brought his haunting melancholia to a larger audience. Sincere Void cuts the difference between Eluvium’s past scratching sadness and The Caretaker’s tortured ambience. The resulting record is a dark and wounded walk down a heavily brambled path to a memory you’d probably rather repress. Achingly beautiful despite the wound it inflicts.

[MP3] Grasslung - Scarred Hands We Drift

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is AMAZING live and this is definitely one of the best drone records of the year.

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