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Toronto's The Deeep mix murky production, Velcroed beats and the stunning vocal work of Isla Craig into a verdant psych-soul brew. Rising like a mirage out of charred societal remains, Craig's voice soars angelically through The Deeep's recordings like a 30th century diva. As with her compatriots in apocalyptic pop, Amanda Brown and Zola Jesus (in her earlier incarnations), it's that juxtaposition between the chanteuse and the seamy underbelly that she chooses to engage with that brings new depth to her music. Towards the end of the release though, The Deeep prove that just as with Zola, they too can lean towards more consumable offerings. Where The Deeep will go from here, whether they'll delve further into that dark rabbit hole of noise, or emerge as pop contenders is anyone's guess; but both sides are equally beguiling.

[MP3] The Deeep - Mudd

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In other news The Deeep will release a 12" of "Muddy", an extended and reworked version of this track on Not Not Fun's new sister label 100% Silk, which according to their blog will "make 45 RPM 12 inch singles of diamond-life dance & bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves by friends and lovers from all over the world." So keep an eye out for that and releases from LA Vampires, Ital (Daniel Martin-McCormick of Mi Ami/Sex Worker) and Cuticle as part of that undertaking. Below is a teaser for the 12" and there's more information on 100% Silk HERE.

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Anonymous Sean Orr said...

Had no idea Toronto could put out something this dark and sophisticated. Come to Van!

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