Around here the connected phrases "Australian Rock Band" bring to mind the terse garage of Eddy Current or maybe even the taut experiments of Fabulous Diamonds, but ear-splitting shoegaze doesn't seem to crop up as often in that corner of the globe. Thankfully Zond have dredged their self-titled album from the darkest heart of amplified nihilism and sprung it on a hungry public. The album twists through dark corridors of sound, worn clean from the constant erosion of amplifier blast and inked with the rumbling echoes of fluid bass lines. Zond go in for aesthetic over message, burying any trace of discernible vocals in a fury of hiss and grit and squall, but as the record progresses it becomes glaringly apparent that the chaos of the squelch is the message. Just from the sounds of things, this promises to be a live beast and so hopes remain high that they'll land the storm stateside sometime soon. For now though, R.I.P. society has brought their fire to the album format.

[MP3] Zond - Stupid Gods
[MP3] Zond - Choam

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