Well it only stands to reason that there should be some strange overlap between doom and free jazz and the latest incarnation of Ultralyd has found that charred ground. Moving on from their longer, drone based compositions, but not necessarily edging back to their unhinged free jazz beginnings; the band have created a dark and rhythmic record that hinges on doom bass, propulsion and a foreboding howl of baritone sax. Somehow the results end up very cinematic, but in a chaotic chase scene sense of the word rather than the picturesque vistas that usually come associated with that term. There's an urgent growl storming over the entirety of Inertiadrome and it’s only whipped to a fury by the chaotic drumming of Morton Olsen who propels each song as if he's manically synced to explode. This one's definitely finding a slot amongst the best of my Smalltown Supersound / Rune Gramophone rotation.

[MP3] Ultralyd - Street Sex

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