Timmy's Organism

While most records tend to cultivate the sound employed best by a band, Rise of the Green Gorilla mines an aura and aesthetic of derangement that allows Timmy's Organism to wander around several idioms of loner culture and stitch them together into a rich tapestry of biting mania. Timmy Vulgar, known elsewhere for his work in Human Eye and Clone Defects, wrangles together a trio of similarly minded degenerates who work their way through dismantled punk, space-blues and debris sodden noise with deft ease. There's definitely a line that can be traced from the Organism back to like-minded deconstructionalists like Zappa and Beefheart but Timmy and crew are a new breed; muckraking through the plight of the beast in ways their forbearers began to touch on and covering them ever-deeper with the putrid silt of the cultural swamp they swim in. As with almost all Sacred Bones releases this comes with a ringing endorsement and pairs well with the fringe releases they've served up in the past like The Rebel or, naturally, the Timmy's Organism single from a while back.

[MP3] Timmy's Organism - Give It To Me Babe
[MP3] Timmy's Organism - Oafeus Clods

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