Premiere: Nobunny and Jacuzzi Boys - SAV Grarage Single

That two of RSTB's favorite bands of the last couple of years have teamed up for a single seems almost too good to be true. Nobunny's First Blood has been on constant rotation since its release earlier this year and I think the needle may have just about run through the grooves on No Seasons, Jacuzzi Boys highly underrated LP from '09. Now this double A-side slice of garage, brought to light by Scion's garage 7" series, has arrived with two new songs that could have easily laid side by side with the best tracks on both those albums.

Nobunny breaks out the acoustic, adding a few jangly strums to his candy and fur coated garage pop assault. On the flip, Florida's finest crank the tempo for a shout along stomper that's a perfect follow-up to their Mexican Summer single from earlier in the year. There could be no perfect pairing in our eyes and the double slayer comes just in time to squeeze onto some end-of-year-best lists. The single is out tomorrow on Scion A/V.

[MP3] Nobunny - Someone Else's Brain
[MP3] Jacuzzi Boys - Coral Girls

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