Moses – Changes
Setting up this album feels kinda like that scene in Wayne's World where they're magically whisked away to... Delaware. Great lost proto-metal albums have resurfaced from Japan, various corners of the U.S. and Britain and even some
corners of Germany but for some reason the words Danish rock don't spark instant enthusiasm. Well thankfully the diggers at Shadoks have torn through Danish bins only to uncover the brilliant debut from Moses. With a heavy influence from Sabbath and Blue Cheer, the album typifies the quality that Shadoks is constantly uncovering. Plodding bass and ferocious leads with the majority of the album sung in English, it seems like it had crossover written all over it but alas it was not to leave Danish shores for many years. Though members of the band went on to play music elsewhere none of the others attained the collector's status of Moses. Shadoks has also uncovered a few other Danish gems recorded for the same studio, Spectator Records that explore a similar vein and are also worth looking into.

[MP3] Moses - Changes
[MP3] Moses - Skaev

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