Lê Almeida – Transporpirações
If your Portuguese is a bit rusty, the music of Lê Almeida may well have flown under your radar. The Brazilian band has released a handful of EPs and now a single for the label Transfusão Noise Records and each is a compact nugget of experimentation
that takes huge power pop ques from the likes of Apples in Stereo and rolls them together with a Guided by Voices like affection for short song sketches and melodic interplay. Transporpirações is actually one of the band's longer songs, clocking in at a full 2:42, and its packed with fuzzy guitars, psych swirls and more than a few melodies that lodge themselves in every crannie of your brain. The single is a taste of an upcoming full length titled Mono Maçã (Mono Apple) but if you can't wait until that's finished, this single and the rest of the EPs can be downloaded for free at Transfusão Noise's site.

[MP3] Lê Almeida - Transporpirações

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Anonymous flamgirlant said...

I so love this - listening and enjoying the hell out of everything on Transfusão Noise Records site. Thanks!!!!

2:22 PM  
Blogger L said...

Thanks for the post about Lê Almeida, and thanks for the links - I'm going to check them out.

10:55 PM  

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