Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds / Hunx and His Punx – Scion A/V Garage 7"
So far Scion's garage singles series has netted quite a few RSTB faves including Bad Sports, Cheap Time and The Dirtbombs but this pairing yields one of the most compelling
yet. On the A-Side Kid Congo Powers and his Monkey Birds take a high gear ride through the dark rockabilly route he's often found careening down. The track leans as much as ever on his history in The Gun Club and The Cramps securing him a lasting place in the garage legacy. Its the flip, though, that really shines through. Hunx, in one of his first tracks outside of last year's singles explosion, nails this carefree pop single. With the additon of some spot-on female backups and sauntered drum snaps, this one is probably the catchiest bit of fun we've heard from Hunx yet. If this is the direction that the upcoming Hardly Art LP is taking then consider us very very intrigued.

[MP3] Hunx and His Punx - Dream On (Little Dreamer)

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