Demdike Stare

The last piece of the Tryptich puzzle is unveiled and its just as intiguing as the first two vinyl releases from Demdike this year. Voices in the Dust follows this year's Forest of Evil and Liberation Through Hearing to create a trio of the most spectral hauntology to come out anywhere this year. As with its predecessors, this is a deep emersion in dub bass, flecked with samples from Sean Canty's vast collection. The record seethes with sacrificial altar vibes, racining like a heartbeat one minute and dissipating into eerie silence the next. Very few artists can combine the asthetics of Burial and Svarte Greiner into one seamless package, but the Stare succeed where others would flounder. Along with the previous two vinyl releases this will be culled together into one CD called Tryptich, to be released by the end of the year.

[MP3] Demdike Stare - Desert Ascetic

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