Co-Premiere :: Bass Drum of Death - "Heart Attack Kid"

Inflated Records sent over this brand new fuzz bucket from the upcoming record by Bass Drum of Death. BDOD is a new project lead by John Barrett who has ties deep into Mississippi's Cat's Purring Collective, who've fostered releases from Dead Gaze and Dent May to mention a few. Pretty much anything awesome happening in and around the Mississippi garage base is happening within contact of those cats. Anyone with a good eye and a properly prioritized schedule during this past CMJ might also recognize Barrett as part of the full on touring extravaganza that is Flight, he makes up a third of the deadly three-pronged guitar army they bring on the road. It's easy to see why he was tapped to shred with that unit as there are some serious red-lined similarities between Flight and BDOD. But, here John's no sideman and on "Heart Attack Kid" his brash delivery and amplifier smoke smolder with a personal intensity. John's joined in the attack by Colin from Unwed Teenage Mothers on drums. The track is slated to appear on an album for Inflated that should be completed around February. (co-premiere with Altered Zones)

[MP3] Bass Drum of Death - Heart Attack Kid

More info: HERE
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