Bow Wow – Signal Fire
Oh man its been quite some time since a great new Japanese reissue has surfaced in these pages but thanks to Rock Candy Records and their dedication to the catalog of mid-70's Japanese proto-metal band Bow Wow, the time is at hand
again. Honestly Bow Wow has to go down as one of the worst 60's/70's band names since Bubble Puppy but the name notwithstanding the band's second album has a lot of thick guitar debris to offer. Most of the album lies in meaty, up tempo guitar scorchers that revolve around a hammmer-on technique that immediately brings to mind Eddie Van Halen but mixed the 70's sludge of Sabbath and even a bit of Rainbow or Leaf Hound. The flashy guitar works in the same way that early Halen felt propulsive and fiery but coupled with the heft it pushes the album into a distinctly Japanese fusion territory that rightly mixes the influences at hand into an amalgam that feels completely familiar yet wholly unheard.

[MP3] Bow Wow - Silver Lightning
[MP3] Bow Wow - Rainbow of Sabbath

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