Our familiarity with Matt Hill around these parts stems from his involvement with Expo 70; which, though it shares a darkness of heart with his solo work, is a far cry from Hill's recordings as Umberto. Steeped in the eerie creep of 70's synth work that popped up in the now lauded Italian horror genre, Umberto also mixes in more traditional compositional structure and a haunted ambience that lends itself well to his uneasy pieces. The real surprise with Prophecy of the Black Widow is Hill's ability to mix in heavy doses of electronic pulse and rhythm alongside the more traditional classical elements, giving the record both a cinematic feel and something akin to soundtracking an updated version of Castlevania. Definitely a fun record and one that's disappearing fast, given its limited pressing. Pick it up where you can!

[MP3] Umberto - Someone Chasing Someone Through A House
[MP3] Umberto - The Temple Room

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