Tyvek has never been one to make grandiose opuses of the musical kind. They're brief incarnate, banged out in fuzzed shotgun blasts through cardboard speakers; and honestly nothing could conjure up images of the Detroit urban wasteland/suburban sprawl dichotomy with more accuracy. Bored, twitchy and chaotic, they continue to file through the bars of sanity and brevity on their latest, Nothing Fits - now paired up with In The Red, which is probably the most fitting musical partnership since they teamed up with Siltbreeze last year. They do expand their musical arsenal a bit on this platter, adding some psychedelic deluge to the end of "Outer Limits" but for the most part its Tyvek to the core; ragged and catchy and splitting at what little seams they've thought to install.

[MP3] Tyvek - Underwater 2
[MP3] Tyvek - 4312

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