Things have been busy around Raven and though there are still plenty of singles ripe for the listening, it seems we've been a bit remiss in sharing any of them with you. First up a couple of great new singles from Trouble in Mind.

Wounded Lion – Pointed Sticks
Wounded Lion kick it out with a glam beat, all kick drum and handclaps before lowering the boom of shout/sung vocals that have become a standard of theirs. The song's a catchy piece of their catalog and is only enhanced by the touching/confusing
ode to Muppet Babies that pops up on the b-side. They temper the spangle and thump from the a-side for a sweet but completely bonkers ode to those Jim Henson animated tikes from your childhood (well my childhood at least), wrought with jangles and strums.

[MP3] Wounded Lion - Pointed Sticks

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The Wrong Words – What Went Wrong
The Wrong Words burst out of Frisco with a vintage blast of power pop soul that's sunny with just the right dose of syrup on top. Sounding like the best moments of The Quick and maybe even a little Shoes thrown in, both of
these gems could have easily landed themselves on the Yellow Pills compilation had they emerged thirty years earlier. Looks like the band have a full length scheduled for release on Trouble in Mind as well and it definitely seems like one to look out for from the sounds of things here.

[MP3] The Wrong Words - What Went Wrong

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