Sword & Sandals

Though the connection's not without precedent, John Dwyer's name isn't usually synonymous with free jazz. When I see Dwyer's name attached to a release I scoop it up and usually it's a sign of some fuzzed out garage fury to be unleashed on these ears; but that's forgetting that John's an equally accomplished drummer in addition to a guitar slayer. Lately Thee Oh Sees frontman has been moonlighting stick-side with Sword & Sandals, whose ranks also include Randy Sutherland (Vholtz, Wigg Waum, Freak Out Tapes), and artist Shaun O'Dell (Beak, Corn Silo of Skulls). Good and Plenty weaves its way through seven untitled pieces wrought with jagged sax fire and moments of languid bliss. Riding the vein of ESP-disk long players, the album walks the line between cathartic explosion and chaotic noise; never quite reaching riff territory but always moving with fluid and fervent purpose. Limited pressing in a beautiful cover by Shaun O'Dell.

[MP3] Sword & Sandals - Untitled #1

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