Purling Hiss

Just finally getting a chance to wrap my brain around Mike Pollize's latest slab as Purling Hiss. This "side project" now threatens to eclipse Mike's main duties in Birds of Maya, but that's OK with me as both serve titanic tidal waves of fuzz. Just as red-lined as the debut, the four burners on Hissteria crackle with ozone from burnt tube amps and reverberate with the heavy bombast of basement pysch. There's something pure and classic about Pollize's psychedelia; it’s ripped straight from the guitar god school of thought, played from the hip and wrapped in a gauze of smoke and light. However, Hissteria is no stadium rocker, its spontaneous outdoor freakout psych, subterranean psych, the kind that never messes with pretense only thick slabs of grit-ridden riff. Needless to say this ups the stakes for that upcoming LP on Woodsist and heightens the expectations around RSTB even further than they already were.

[MP3] Purling Hiss - Passenger Queen

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Blogger mdm said...

Anxious to see Mr. Pollize this weekend in Nashville with fellow Richie Records ambassador Kurt Vile. Viva la Philadelphia!

9:42 AM  

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