Matthew Lajoie's Herbcraft project returns with a new tape on Woodsist sister label Fuck- It Tapes. Whiles Papers may not have the deep seated back story that underpinned Discovers The Bitter World Of Agartha, it shares its same burnt vibe of 70's psych-folk indulgence that first drew us into Lajoie's world of haze and caverns. The tape is a mixture of five new and two live, rehearsal tunes all imbued with Herbcraft's haunted, spirit shaking nuance. Of course if you're familiar with the words Fuck-It tapes and limited you'll know that despite just being released, copies are already getting scarce - grab one quick if you can!

[MP3] Herbcraft - One Thousand Papers
[MP3] Herbcraft - Highway Jivers (live)

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