Expo '70

Justin Wright, with some help here from frequent collaborator Matt Hill, laid down another massive swath of kosmiche landscapes in the form of Where Does Your Mind Go?. The fact that the four, side-long epics traverse some of the most sonically fluid vibes Wright has yet to catch on tape would be impressive enough, but that he recorded these four epics plus enough material for a companion piece (Journey Through Astral Projection to also be released on Immune) in one night is downright astounding. This marks one of the first times Wright has strayed out of his own studio to record; and with the famous Black Dirt Studios as the location and with Jason Meagher from No Neck Blues Band at the helm, this seems like as right a time and place as ever. Expo '70 has truly captured the ethereal wonder of modern kosmiche, taking the reigns with deft precision from Schulze and co. and working calm pools of sound into tapestries of astral vibration. But unlike the 70's set Wright's sense of the cosmos is never all serene, it's rife with the unknown and a sense of otherworldly unease; and this is what moves him far beyond his influences and into the pantheon of cosmic masters.

[MP3] Expo '70 - Close Your Eyes And Effortlessly Drift Away

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