Dylan Ettinger

Dylan Ettinger has kept me continually entertained this year with two releases of symbiotic synth sliders on Not Not Fun and Digitalis. And though the Digitalis album, Cutters, was excellent; it was the quasi-futuristic float of New Age Outlaws that really caught my attention and kept the tape player on constant rotation for the past few months. Still it seemed like a release practically begging for the vinyl format. So now Dylan's made the move, with a re-release on Not Not Fun that not only recaptures the original brilliance of the album on wax, it updates this ethereal album with a new track, reshuffled track order added transitions to help the whole thing flow together in a seamless sweat. Double the excitement with some excellently spot on sci-fi/new age cover art. If somehow you missed out on this one earlier in the year, it's definitely time to reassess. Check out "Shandor's Dream" below which is a re-recorded and extended cut of "Long Day" from the original and sounds superb in its new incarnation.

[MP3] Dylan Ettinger - Shandor's Dream

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