Date Palms

Gregg Kowalsky already has a pretty sterling reputation around these parts, putting out albums on Root Strata and Kranky in the past that teem with the haunted ambience of drone. On his new project Date Pams, the duo he's begun with Marielle Jakobsons, that same ambient specter looms large but it's also accompanied by delicate exotics and a pulse of bass that splits personalities between somber and sensual. The pair augments the skeletal template of cosmic psych with a smattering of violins, glass-tinged plucks, languorous synths and wavering drones; but still it’s the all encompassing bass throb that makes the release so satisfying. It's the driving force of the record while at the same time seeming very calm about the destination it's driving towards. Nothing in Date Palms' world is rushed; rather it opens up slowly like a canopy of stars. A gorgeous release you'd be remiss to miss out on.

[MP3] Date Palms - Psalm 5

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