BK's Gross Relations scrape through two cuts of fuzz rumbled garage pop that hinge on a powerful mix of driving guitar and woozy keys. Their first 7" is on the way, limited as all things these days and definitely worth picking up.

Gross Relations – Fuzzy Timelines
The A-side kicks in with a shock of drums and wallop of keys setting the standard that the GR boys stick to like an M.O. They lay back into the groove with an off kilter swagger until things shift bolt upright into the kind of bright pop breakdowns they
just don't make anymore. On the flip they really shine with those seasick keys charging in full bore and a nice touch of fuzz on the vox. The hook sticks in your head like a whiskey coated knife, rearing its head again and again just when you least suspect it. Live, the band will inevitably be branded with the lo-fi tag but with subtle pop touches and the barreling guitars of "You Don't Know Me", the tag may soon be lifted. Can't wait to see where these guys go next.

[MP3] Gross Relations - You Don't Know Me

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